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Q&A: Thian Lung Jong

Thian Lung Jong from Malaysia has watched the pandemic show consumers the importance of proper financial planning. He shares what he learned during this period.

2021-09-15T18:05:01+08:00September 2021|

Understanding the high-net-worth market

How do you approach potential clients in high-net-worth circles? Diana Zhu shares her expertise in serving the high-net-worth market in Singapore.

2021-09-15T17:54:27+08:00September 2021|

How to ask for referrals from clients

Referrals are a cost-effective way to bring in very valuable prospects. Gan Chin Soon from Malaysia shares productive ways you can ask clients for referrals.

2021-09-15T17:46:17+08:00September 2021|

Three-part routine to effectively secure clients and retain MDRT qualification

Ivan Lontoc from the Philippines shares his routine that's been important in maintaining his consistent MDRT qualification and expanding his client base.

2021-09-15T17:27:36+08:00September 2021|

Striking the right balance as a Whole Person

Being a financial advisor in Singapore’s fast-paced society is no easy feat. Bernice Lee shares her secret to maintain the balance between her career and personal life and why it’s important to slow down when we need to.

2021-08-20T11:28:52+08:00August 2021|

Tell your clients: Set aside a budget for insurance. It’s worth it.

Liza Mae Daniel, PFA, a two-time MDRT member from Cebu City, Philippines, shares tips on guiding prospects interested in availing of insurance products by maximizing their budget.

2021-08-20T11:23:53+08:00August 2021|

Expanding your target market with TikTok

Yani Moya, a TikTok Financial Educator and MDRT member from Quezon City, Philippines, talks about TikTok and how financial advisors can use the platform to expand their target market.

2021-08-20T11:18:22+08:00August 2021|

Powering your business through passive referrals

Do you make passive prospecting a part of your practice? MDRT member Joyce Chan from Singapore shares her tips on getting successful passive referrals.

2021-08-20T10:58:03+08:00August 2021|

Introducing clients to the Whole Person concept

How do we go beyond money talk with clients? There are other parts of our clients’ lives that could greatly impact their financial life and their happiness. Find out how you can gauge how well your clients are doing as a Whole Person.

2021-07-16T18:24:40+08:00July 2021|

Tips on how to sound persuasive when securing potential clients

Edmund Chaw from Malaysia believes that financial advisors should always be sincere and honest when sharing knowledge with clients. He shares the importance of building strong client relationships.

2021-07-19T12:04:42+08:00July 2021|
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