Tips on how to sound persuasive when securing potential clients

Edmund Chaw from Malaysia believes that financial advisors should always be sincere and honest when sharing knowledge with clients. He shares the importance of building strong client relationships.

2021-07-19T12:04:42+08:00July 2021|

The 3 P’s of building relationships with clients

Melissa Delos Santos shares her 3 P’s of building relationships with clients, earning her MDRT membership and Top of the Table qualification.

2021-06-17T00:13:51+08:00June 2021|

5 ways to impart soft skills and generate client loyalty

Soft skills in the financial service industry play a very crucial and important role for branding and client services. Venkateshwar Vakalapudi tells us ways to impart soft skills and generate new clients by changing the approach.

2021-05-19T10:44:48+08:00May 2021|

Client testimonials emphasize value and trustworthiness

There is a common perception among Filipinos that financial advisors are only out to gain commissions. Val Domingo tells us why testimonials are a powerful persuasion tool in securing a client’s future with insurance.

2021-04-22T15:48:29+08:00April 2021|

Leading the leaders

Yee Von Lim’s clients were in trouble. The Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, which shut down the country during the early months of the pandemic, was having an immediate impact on small and medium business enterprises (SMEs), which were the backbone of her clientele.

2021-01-28T14:38:19+08:00January 2021|

Luxury items are out. Financial security is in

IT’S EASY TO FEEL THAT IF WE HEAR THE WORDS “NEW NORMAL” ONE MORE TIME, we’re just going to scream. Loudly. And with great frustration. But here’s the rub: Normal will never be the way it was before March 2020. No matter what words you use, how consumers are behaving and how advisors are relating are like nothing anyone could have imagined in February of this year.

2021-02-15T13:36:08+08:00November 2020|
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