Working with millennials: stereotypes vs. reality

A client in his late 20s sits in your office, mostly just texting. When you can get his attention for a moment, he mostly wants to know if he can take your recommendations and use them with a different advisor. That would not be a pleasant experience. That also, said Brendan Clune Walsh, would not be remotely his experience of what it’s actually like to work with millennials.

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Let’s play retirement

“You can’t retire from; you need to be retiring to. If you take your mind back to when you were in high school or college and you had a dance to go to, as a young woman, you go and buy your dress and try the dress on. I’m going to encourage you as a client, let’s play retirement, and let’s talk about what that looks like.”

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Fear Factor

October 24, 1929. A selling panic hits the New York Stock Exchange, with trading three times the normal rate. By day’s end, it would lose 9% of its value, earning it the infamous nickname: Black Thursday. As recession and financial anxieties mount, communication is key for alleviating client concerns.

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The Opening Of A New Door To Success

Sometime in February, when this pandemic was ravaging China and we had a few cases in India where I live, I started thinking about what would happen with my business if restrictions are put in place. Will my business stop if I’m not meeting with clients? The thought was terrifying.

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No, I can’t do that

WHAT DO YOU DO when a client says, “Could you cancel my policy?” or “Could you reduce my sum assured?” Some of us have been taught to respond with a question — something like, “May I ask why you want to do that?” or “Has something changed that led to that decision?” Next time you get that call, say, “No, I can’t do that.”

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Where Has All The Money Gone?

TROY A. COLLINS, ADFP, has clients who earn above-average incomes but still can’t get ahead financially. Not only are they not saving or investing, but they’ve often racked up considerable debt. So his first step is to analyze the client’s cash flow, which he believes is a critical part of providing true strategic advice.

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More-than-money wealth planning

Imagine you are awakened by your 5-year-old daughter, who tells you she smells smoke. You gather your family of four and congregate by the designated tree in front of the house. As you look back at the house, you see no flames, so you return to gather a few items.

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Q&A: Bin Qi

I tell them that the required investment in insurance products is actually just a small sum. With this small sum, we’re able to build up a reserve for them. Investing in insurance helps control our expenditures so we don’t spend on other things that are not as beneficial.

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