Mastering the art of prospecting

Putting others before herself has greatly helped Carol Chin from Singapore leave a positive impact on her clients over the years. Find out what keeps her going when prospecting becomes challenging.

2021-07-19T18:37:20+08:00July 2021|

How to successfully market your practice

To explore what financial advisors can do to successfully market themselves, we speak to Sean Yap Yik Yee, an MDRT member since 2018.

2021-06-17T00:14:10+08:00June 2021|

Lead from the front

"What we’re doing allows our clients to sleep at night knowing their policies are intact and will protect them." Discover how Janet N. Ng from the Philippines sets the tone as she leads her team through today’s uncertainties.

2021-04-22T15:33:20+08:00April 2021|

Become the go-to-advisor with webinars

When the world was changing quickly for all of us, we debuted a weekly webinar series called “Tuesdays at 2.” It assisted our business-owner clients and HR professionals in their time of need and positioned us in front of prospective clients. We went from idea to launch in just three days, and we had hundreds of people in attendance at that first webinar.

2021-02-15T13:34:55+08:00January 2021|

How to be politely persistent and close more

A financial advisor got a call one day from an old college friend who said, “We’re ready to set up a retirement plan for our company. We want you to handle it.” The advisor asked why he was chosen to assist with this. The answer: “You stayed in front of me. When it was time to make a decision, you were the first name that came to mind.” The advisor had been politely persistent. 

2021-01-28T16:32:34+08:00December 2020|

Working with centers of influence

I am the worst prospector in the world. I found it hard to ask social acquaintances for business. To get past my prospecting reluctance, I tried to do various things — cold calling, mailings to those who just got a mortgage, seminars about retirement, etc. An incident changed all of this.

2021-01-13T17:37:20+08:00November 2020|

Slow & steady

The most successful advisors in this business have two common traits: high activity and high-quality relationships. This industry teaches us that success is a numbers game of finding enough people to talk to and work with. When I came into the business, I was taught Al Granum’s One Card System. While it was a solid approach for the first year or two, it was also incomplete. There was more to the story.

2020-11-27T07:57:16+08:00September 2020|
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