Sales success with charisma

Eric Feng has helped over 23,000 financial service professionals sell more and sell more easily by unlocking their charisma. Through his programs, agents have experienced 20–50 percent increases in their production within six months. Recruitment numbers have also doubled after his coaching with leaders, with an increased conversion rate of 47 percent. His topics include: Making customers your biggest fans, investing time in building relationships and four simple actions to make you a person others love to work with the importance of charisma.

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Earning trust in tough times

Start with a referral, show your clients you care, and provide a well-balanced plan - these are just some successful strategies that have helped MDRT members around the world grow their businesses during unprecedented times.

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Targeting high-net-worth prospects

PEARLYN KOH, ChFC, requires prospects to have two things before they can become a client: the need and the means. “It’s a function of my time, and the number of people I need to see,” she explained. “Some have the need but not the means — they can’t afford the premiums or aren’t ready to take the next step.”

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The perfect triangle

How do you simplify clients' insurance options and what will work best for them? Yeon Hwa Yoon, of South Korea, shares a drawing that helps drive effective communication during the initial client meeting.

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Communicate better with prospects and clients

Your client calls your office and you’re not available. Eager to provide the best service possible, you pick up the phone and call your client back. Only to have to leave them a message. What happens next? You and your client just entered into a game of phone tag. This is the worst kind of game. It’s a complete customer-service nightmare. But there is a better way.

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