Hit your business reset button now

The business world has changed. Like it or not, we must adapt to the current market conditions or we will struggle professionally. And in the midst of this crisis, there have been some successes — take for example satellite-based internet connections, data storage, cybersecurity and many others.

2020-08-24T15:14:00+08:00June 2020|

Making the best of video conferencing

I have many parents of young children as clients, and these past few months of lockdown have been a very trying period for them. In Singapore, generally both parents work — we don’t have many stay-at-home moms in this generation. So I have to be more sensitive to their accessibility as they try to juggle family and working from home.

2020-11-27T08:01:34+08:00January 2020|

Modelling Ethics For Your Team

All good things begin with you. In our profession, the first move is yours. You have to make the call. You have to introduce yourself. Ethics also begins with you, and the MDRT Code of Ethics gives us a framework to live an ethical life.

2020-06-07T16:23:57+08:00March 2019|
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