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Jan 2021

Become the go-to-advisor with webinars

When the world was changing quickly for all of us, we debuted a weekly webinar series called “Tuesdays at 2.” It assisted our business-owner clients and HR professionals in their time of need and positioned us in front of prospective clients. We went from idea to launch in just three days, and we had hundreds of people in attendance at that first webinar.

Dec 2020

How to be politely persistent and close more

A financial advisor got a call one day from an old college friend who said, “We’re ready to set up a retirement plan for our company. We want you to handle it.” The advisor asked why he was chosen to assist with this. The answer: “You stayed in front of me. When it was time to make a decision, you were the first name that came to mind.” The advisor had been politely persistent. 

Nov 2020

Working with centers of influence

I am the worst prospector in the world. I found it hard to ask social acquaintances for business. To get past my prospecting reluctance, I tried to do various things — cold calling, mailings to those who just got a mortgage, seminars about retirement, etc. An incident changed all of this.

Nov 2020

Seeing things from the prospect’s point of view leads to business

In sales training, we are often taught to treat objections as obstacles to overcome, but that’s not the only approach. Bryce Sanders shares his best practices and strategies for a better alternative! Read on to find out more.

Sep 2020

Slow & steady

The most successful advisors in this business have two common traits: high activity and high-quality relationships. This industry teaches us that success is a numbers game of finding enough people to talk to and work with. When I came into the business, I was taught Al Granum’s One Card System. While it was a solid approach for the first year or two, it was also incomplete. There was more to the story.

Aug 2020

Start with a planning framework

Gan highlights four simple modules to help clients better understand the financial planning process

Aug 2020

Getting referrals through virtual prospecting

Prospecting in traditional ways has been widely used by financial planners around the world. Prospects are getting resistant to these similar approaches, to the point where it is difficult to even get a prospect in for an appointment, especially high-net-worth prospects. Lim Yee Von illustrates a new way of prospecting that will not only get you appointments from your prospect easily, but also attract prospects to open up to your financial advice.

May 2020

Should you share personal items on Facebook?

Sometimes it seems like nothing is official until it has appeared on social media. Like if you want people to know about anything, you need to post about it on a popular platform like Facebook. But what should you be showing to your clients on your profile?

May 2020

Keep the pipeline moving

When economic times like the ones we face today hit, it’s important to focus on your business and keep a steady stream of prospects flowing. We asked MDRT members from Singapore and around the world to share some of their best tips for gaining prospects. Here’s what they had to say.

Apr 2020

Sales success with charisma

Eric Feng has helped over 23,000 financial service professionals sell more and sell more easily by unlocking their charisma. Through his programs, agents have experienced 20–50 percent increases in their production within six months. Recruitment numbers have also doubled after his coaching with leaders, with an increased conversion rate of 47 percent. His topics include: Making customers your biggest fans, investing time in building relationships and four simple actions to make you a person others love to work with the importance of charisma.

Apr 2020

Earning trust in tough times

Start with a referral, show your clients you care, and provide a well-balanced plan – these are just some successful strategies that have helped MDRT members around the world grow their businesses during unprecedented times.

Jan 2020

How To Get The Referrals You Need To Grow Your Business

DID YOU ASK YOUR CLIENT for a referral? If you’re like 60% of advisors, you didn’t even ask. In fact, not being asked is the No. 1 reason financial advisors don’t get referrals.

Nov 2019

Targeting high-net-worth prospects

PEARLYN KOH, ChFC, requires prospects to have two things before they can become a client: the need and the means. “It’s a function of my time, and the number of people I need to see,” she explained. “Some have the need but not the means — they can’t afford the premiums or aren’t ready to take the next step.”

Oct 2019

Qualify For MDRT 50% Faster With Referrals [VIDEO]

Naomi Chua, of Singapore, shares her method of getting referrals, which allows her to qualify for MDRT quicker and with less effort.

Sep 2019

The perfect triangle

How do you simplify clients’ insurance options and what will work best for them? Yeon Hwa Yoon, of South Korea, shares a drawing that helps drive effective communication during the initial client meeting.