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Sep 2019

The perfect triangle

How do you simplify clients’ insurance options and what will work best for them? Yeon Hwa Yoon, of South Korea, shares a drawing that helps drive effective communication during the initial client meeting.

Sep 2019

The Heart Of Selling [VIDEO]

People respond most strongly to questions that stir emotions. Tan explains the questions that help her drive feeling and understanding in clients.

Sep 2019

Action Plan For Transforming Friends Into Clients

DO YOU HAVE FRIENDS who should logically do business with you, but haven’t taken the hint? You have an extended family and a large circle of friends. Not all will become clients. Some will be great surprises: “Why didn’t you ask me before?”

Jul 2019

Communicate better with prospects and clients

Your client calls your office and you’re not available. Eager to provide the best service possible, you pick up the phone and call your client back. Only to have to leave them a message. What happens next? You and your client just entered into a game of phone tag. This is the worst kind of game. It’s a complete customer-service nightmare. But there is a better way.

Jun 2019

Building a bridge to high-end clients

What can take you from you chasing clients to high-net-worth clients chasing you? Top of the Table qualifier Liru Chang found that the more she gives to others, the bigger the return.

Jun 2019

A Cross To Close

When I meet new customers or friends, I will convey the concept of protection. With ease and simplicity, I use a piece of paper and a pen to draw four quadrants. The presentation of these four quadrants is used to explain the concept, build relationships, do fact-finding, bring up needs, offer solutions, and close transactions.

Aug 2018

Simple ways to talk to clients about complex topics [Video]

Communicate the value of insurance to your clients and prospects with these ideas from a Court of the Table qualifier.

Jun 2018

3 ways to stand out

With so many financial advisors out there, why should clients be committed to you? What can you do differently that makes them want to work with you? In this session, Kucheria shares three techniques she utilizes to stand out from the crowd.

Jun 2018

Referrals: How can I help your loved ones?

Finding new clients you can assist is a benefit for both you and the client. Delia Wong, of Singapore, discusses how she positions herself as a family advisor.