Jan 2021

Success stories from reopening my office – or keeping it closed

As the pandemic continues and local governments update their guidance for social distancing, advisors are deciding whether to meet in person with clients or by leveraging technology. MDRT members Lam Pui Ka (Malaysia), Brad J. Myers (U.S.), and Leena Parwani (UAE), share how they have thrived whether through ongoing virtual work or through establishing in-office options.

Nov 2020

My hidden talent and why it helps my business

If you’re a great salsa dancer or an experienced singer, how can you use that to benefit your practice? MDRT members Xiao Chen, Chad Demarre, Maria Josefa Garcia and Stacy L. Kahan share how their personal, potentially unrelated skills have crossed over to become professional assets.

Aug 2020

Navigating difficult situations with clients and staff regarding the virus

During these unusual times, how will you handle potentially awkward conversations regarding safety? MDRT members from Singapore, the United States and England share how they’re dealing with the complicated feelings and physical challenges involved in communicating with clients as some offices around the world begin to reopen.

Jul 2020

Forecasting client needs as the crisis goes on longer

What are you doing to plan for what clients will be thinking and worrying about as these difficult times continue? In this episode of the MDRT Podcast, MDRT members share what they anticipate from clients moving forward and how they will help meet those needs.

Jun 2020

The hardest long-term change to consider in the face of crisis

How will you adjust your practice to recognize clients’ lowered cash flow and new challenges for staff? In this episode of the MDRT Podcast, MDRT members identify the most difficult elements on their minds for the long-term, and what they’re doing to plan for the changes.

Apr 2020

Reassuring Clients In Uncertain Times

How can emails establish necessary connection with clients when they are concerned about changes in the market and the world? How can you make sure your important messaging connects with people?