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Practice Management

Jul 2021

How financial advisors can walk the two-way street of mentoring

Joyce Jimenez, an 11-year MDRT member based in the Philippines, shares how mentoring is a two-way street that benefits mentees and mentors, maximizing the team’s productivity and profitability.

Jun 2021

Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with your clients

As a financial advisor, Jovin Yeo believes a relationship is more than just sharing aligned goals. It is also about sharing a connection based on kindness and compassion.

May 2021

The role of soft skills in generating loyalty of support staff

Soft skills not only make you a communication expert but also fuels you with other necessary elements such as the power to build loyal customers. Nishith Shah shares how you can garner loyalty from your team by honing your soft skills.

Apr 2021

Examining the role of technology and artificial intelligence in financial services

Will technology replace financial advisors one day? Find out how financial professionals can tap on technology and AI to add value to their services.

Feb 2021

How to have your best year yet

Get energized for your best year yet! Hear from our MDRT members on how they set and achieve goals, including the best tips for tracking productivity and staying accountable for your progress. Learn how you can maximize your potential today.

Jan 2021

Why do I have to praise someone just for doing their job?

Do you ever feel like there is way too much appreciation going on in your workplace? If you said no, you’re not alone. Your team would probably say the same thing.

Dec 2020

Creating camaraderie from afar through relationship building for remote teams

As many teams continue to work from home, feelings of isolation and loneliness can build up. Furthermore, it can be difficult to develop feelings of solidarity remotely. As a consequence, productivity can drop sharply as you lose touch with your team. With some planning, however, you can create a sense of camaraderie from afar. 

Nov 2020

Working well with an assistant

A strong professional relationship between you and your team members is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining efficiency. Here’s how MDRT member Tam Kim Fang of Malaysia makes fostering better engagement from her team a priority everyday.

Oct 2020

3 surprising secrets about high-net-worth clients

Everything is not what it seems to be from the outside when working with high-net-worth clients. And it’s what you don’t expect about that demographic that may keep you from working with wealthy clients. As an advisor, you know that high-net-worth clients

Sep 2020

A four-step plan to motivate during this crisis

Many advisors may have felt frozen during the first days of lockdown due to the coronavirus. But Mohamad Manmohan Abdullah, ChFC, CLU, knew that policies could lapse and clients could be confused and uneasy if he didn’t conceive new ways to interact with the professionals that he helps with life insurance, always through face-to-face meetings.

Sep 2020

9 easy ideas for better client service and motivation

Tips for keeping yourself motivated while providing excellent client service.

Aug 2020

Transition from wow to a-ha!

When you transition from wow to aha with your clients, you’ll not only surprise and delight your clients, but you’ll qualify for Court of the Table and Top of the Table.

Jul 2020

How communicating the miracle of insurance led to my early success

One of the reasons I joined the financial services profession about three years ago when I was 27 years old was because I wanted people to understand the miracle of life insurance and how it can help you live life to its fullest. I saw what life insurance could do for families when I was in college and my uncle died of heart disease. His life insurance provided much needed financial assistance to his mother.

Jun 2020

Hit your business reset button now

The business world has changed. Like it or not, we must adapt to the current market conditions or we will struggle professionally. And in the midst of this crisis, there have been some successes — take for example satellite-based internet connections, data storage, cybersecurity and many others.

Jun 2020

Bust through a career bottleneck by segmenting clients

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a plateau in your career? What can you do to get over it? Court of the Table qualifier Lim Ren En of Malaysia shares his best strategies to overcome these obstacles. Learn from this short video!