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Practice Management

Jan 2020

Making the best of video conferencing

I have many parents of young children as clients, and these past few months of lockdown have been a very trying period for them. In Singapore, generally both parents work — we don’t have many stay-at-home moms in this generation. So I have to be more sensitive to their accessibility as they try to juggle family and working from home.

Sep 2019

Creating A Better Workplace Through Kindness

MOST OF US work with unengaged, stressed people. The odds are, some of them are your employees. A staggering 70% of U.S. employees feel unengaged, and that comes with a loss in productivity that some estimate as high as $605 billion each year.

Aug 2019

Top strategies from top advisors (Video)

From adopting a proactive mindset to growing your confidence through practice, hear from some of Singapore’s top financial advisors. Ace Chan, Veronica Ong and Subhas Nathan discuss their industry experiences and achieving success.

Mar 2019

Modelling Ethics For Your Team

All good things begin with you. In our profession, the first move is yours. You have to make the call. You have to introduce yourself. Ethics also begins with you, and the MDRT Code of Ethics gives us a framework to live an ethical life.

Dec 2018

How Members Globally Use Technology [VIDEO]

Technology is changing the world. Members from Singapore, Japan and Korea discuss how it’s changing their practice – from how they communicate with clients to how applications are done.

Jul 2018

Using stories to connect with clients

Gregory Fok, CFP, is a storyteller. For him, successfully working with clients starts with telling stories about people in similar situations, and how the solutions he created for them can apply to the new client. “…Insurance is rarely bought; it’s mostly sold. People don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘I’m going to buy insurance.’ It’s normally sold by people who tell you a story.”

Apr 2018

Increasing life insurance sales

“People always need life insurance, for income replacement, family fairness, blended families, and for families who have children with special needs,” said Howard E. Sharfman. “At the end of the day, we always have tax-free death benefits, tax-deferred cash value growth, income replacement and estate creation through an amazing product called life insurance.

Jan 2018

Good mentors make a profound impact

If you had two Top of the Table qualifiers as your mentors, what would you learn? If you think it would be all about how to increase your income, you’d only be partially right.