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Jan 2021

The accountability call

The situation: When Melbourne went into its first pandemic lockdown, reality struck my wife and me. We were juggling homeschooling our two kids (ages 8 and 6), running my practice from home and her job as a nurse in a local hospital. The first couple of weeks in particular were tough, and my business activity levels dropped off significantly as we tried to adjust.

Jan 2021

How female advisors succeed — and help others do the same

A panel of three MDRT members discuss what it’s like to be a female advisor and share their own success stories and how they’ve gained confidence over the years, as well as how to recruit and retain more female advisors into the profession.

Nov 2020

One good thing

Has anything good come out of 2020? It’s hard to think so, with the daily onslaught of news about the pandemic, the resulting financial crisis and the overwhelming feeling that life will never be the same again. Still, we wondered. So we asked 100 MDRT members this: Tell us about one good thing, personally or professionally, that has happened to you this year.

Nov 2020

Mindset matters

A positive mindset is the main trait that differentiates driven and accomplished advisors from the rest. How you think has a profound impact on your business, your quality of life, and the engagement of everyone around you. Here are some simple steps to help you move past unproductive thoughts and achieve your goals!

Sep 2020

Time to recharge

It’s been months since the pandemic started, with its lockdowns and financial turmoil. Months of comforting clients who have lost their jobs or retirement savings. You’ve been there for them, rebalancing portfolios, reminding them of their life insurance cushions, connecting them with other clients who may have employment opportunities, and providing a listening ear for their stress and anger.

Sep 2020

On the path to growth

2021 MDRT President Ian Green focuses on guiding clients and members to greater satisfaction at work and home.

Aug 2020

Mind changers

Parwani shares how mind-changer tools can change your life.

Aug 2020

Results alone are not enough

In a world of ongoing digital transformation, we must rethink our practice to continue being relevant, creating value and being our clients first choice. In this session you will learn how, if you implement small details into your practice, you will gain client loyalty and maintain a solid and lasting bond.

Jun 2020

Discovering a balanced approach to staying at home

After several weeks working from home, some of us may still be struggling. Understandably, we worry about our work and about the uncertain and unpredictable future. Rather than seeing this virus outbreak as a great disaster, why don’t we try to see it as a great corrector that gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives?

Apr 2020

Stick to your goals to thrive in uncertain times

Now is the time for MDRT members to activate their greatest attributes, self-discipline. We need it to succeed, says Tony Gordon.

Apr 2020

The power of rejection

When Jiang realized he was letting a fear of rejection hold him back, he decided to go out and try rejection therapy — attempting to get rejected so he could be desensitized. What he found was surprising acceptance and a new understanding about why we fear rejection and why we shouldn’t let it derail us. This session includes remarkable examples of daring to ask questions and embracing opportunities.

Mar 2020

Mindset Shifts To Take You To The Next Level

WHEN IT COMES TO QUALIFYING for Top of the Table, it comes down to systems, goals and mentors, said Paul S. McCready, RFC, CFP. McCready, a 34-year MDRT member from St. Paul, Minnesota, shared these insights at the 2019 MDRT Global Conference.

Mar 2020

How To Be Productive And Creative When Business Pauses

“May you live in interesting times.” The source of this quote is actually unknown and unimportant. Like it or not, though, we live in interesting times. They’re times of uncertainty and potential danger, but they’re also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind.

Feb 2020

Why what you believe determines what you achieve

We don’t act contrary to our beliefs, even when our beliefs may not be true. This is why beliefs are crucial in determining the kind of life we lead. Two top coaches for financial advisors discuss how your beliefs can either hold you back or take you to the next level in your career.

Jan 2020

Fighting back against food insecurity

It’s amazing how a major undertaking can be packed into just a few words. In fact, that environmental work is the mission of the Andando Foundation, which partners with Senegalese communities to install solar-powered irrigation systems.