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Jan 2020

Fighting back against food insecurity

It’s amazing how a major undertaking can be packed into just a few words. In fact, that environmental work is the mission of the Andando Foundation, which partners with Senegalese communities to install solar-powered irrigation systems.

Jun 2019

Making your client relationship “Foodielicious” [Video]

Lim Ren En shares a practical way to build stronger client relationships through the art of giving food.

Jun 2019

One more try

What’s one small secret for making a big difference in your life? Top of the Table qualifier Kou Takaku, of Japan, encourages everyone to gather up their courage and approach people to learn and earn. Here’s how you can succeed too!

Jan 2019

Boost Your Energy And Brain Power

Just by tweaking what’s on our plates, we have the capability to elevate pretty much every single aspect of our life, said nutrition expert and regular “Today Show” contributor Joy Bauer. 

Jul 2018

Calm the stress machine

Take a moment to stop. Turn off your electronic devices. Take a deep breath. Just pause. Let the racing thoughts slow down, the stress dissipate. “When we pause, we shift our brains to a place of calm and feeling back in control of a situation again,” said Romie Mushtaq, M.D., a neurologist and integrative medicine specialist.