MDRT Member Benefits

Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) is The Premier Association of Financial Professionals®.

Exclusive MDRT membership is limited to the top financial services and life insurance professionals who adhere to strict professional and ethical standards to build trust and confidence with their clients.

In an intensely competitive profession, objections are routine and regulatory changes are the norm. MDRT is where advisors come to learn how to achieve greater success and more sustainable careers.

MDRT connects its members to an unmatched global network, providing a unique mix of resources and networking to inspire growth in their business. With face-to-face interactions and access to the ideas members are using every day, even the best financial professionals discover innovative ideas to boost their productivity, build their businesses and discover new success strategies.

MDRT’s ever-increasing membership production requirements, and the higher Court of the Table® and Top of the Table® membership levels, reinforce the importance of setting and achieving larger goals.

MDRT members are held to a high code of ethics, strengthening confidence among clients.

MDRT creates opportunities for its members to serve as volunteer leaders within the organization, helping to develop more skills to strengthen their business.

The MDRT Foundation offers members opportunities to support charitable causes and organizations, become community leaders and build relationships with leaders in the financial services profession.

Discover New and Innovative Ideas

Global network

MDRT members in different countries come together to learn from each other’s experiences, share ideas and stay ahead of the curve.

Round the Table magazine

MDRT’s bimonthly publication zeroes in on trends and opportunities specific to the financial services profession. Visit Round the Table Magazine for the current online edition and archives of past issues.

Online resources

The Resource Zone Global houses a library of educational content, including videos, the MDRT Podcast, and Annual Meeting videos and transcripts. The MDRT Blog provides useful and up-to-date content on the latest industry trends and topics. Members have full use of online member profile tools like the Production Tracker to ensure monthly goals are met. Members also have access to logos, press releases and guides to promote membership with MDRT.


Learn from and be inspired by the best financial services professionals from around the world at the MDRT Annual Meeting, the Top of the Table Annual Meeting and the MDRT Experience & Global Conference. MDRT’s research shows when members are engaged with MDRT and attend more meetings, they see an increase in production over time.

Whole Person

MDRT’s Whole Person concept encourages members to balance their personal and professional lives, resulting in greater total success and a more fulfilling life.

MDRT can inspire success through exclusive benefits

A case study of 670 first-time 2012 members who maintained consecutive membership through 2016 shows 63.9% increase in average commission.

That’s an average annual increase of 13.5%

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